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Kenyans React After KRA Says It’s Coming For Online Wealth Flaunters



Kenyans react after KRA says it's coming for online wealth flaunters

The Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) announcement that it would monitor online users’ social media accounts to identify people that it would investigate for tax compliance, has drawn reactions.

The agency said it would scour Facebook and Instagram profiles for tax defaulters. Those targeted are social media users posting videos and pictures exhibiting the verve and drip in their “covetable” lives.

KRA Commissioner-General Githinji Mburu said pictures of luxurious cars, expensive parties, designer attire and princely vacations would catch the taxman’s attention.

On Facebook and Twitter, Kenyans took to the comments section on Monday to react to KRA’s announcement, which was posted on The Standard’s pages.

Twitter user Oscar Mutinda said: “KRA should look for something better to do. For example, educate the public about taxation and policies.”

Ochieng Mike (@OchiengMike) said: “When a whole government agency with the responsibility to assess, collect and account for all revenues due to the government resorts to trolling social media for tax defaulters, then you know Kenya is a serious joke.”

Another user, Jakawino (@tomarody), joked: “Let them employ us to get them the screenshots per square inch faster than they can ever process. We will also bring them receipts from politicians’ rich kids so that they (rich children) reconcile their tax filings too.”

Facebook user Tom Gwoma termed the move by KRA as “outrageous and against the law”.

Carilus Oloo observed that “tax cheats will remove [old pictures and videos], and stop posting things which can be used against them”.

Another user, Raymond Alimahadu, said: “This is not the way to capture more people in the tax bracket. They should employ other means to do so. For example, do countrywide surveys, gather hypothesis and sensitise people on the need to be in the bracket.”

In an interview with the Business Daily on Monday, November 8, Mburu said tax cheats risk travel bans and collection of duty directly from their suppliers and bankers.

The taxman had, in January 2021, notified social media influencers that they will be liable to pay Digital Service Tax (DST) since their income is accrued from the provision of services in the digital marketplace.

KRA noted that DST has been effective since January 1, 2020, and all influencers must adhere to the set guidelines.

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Massive Reactions From Celebs And Fans As Diana Marua Launches Music Career As A Rapper



Massive Reactions From Celebs And Fans As Diana Marua Launches Music Career As A Rapper

After numerous posts about a big announcement by singer Bahati, it’s official that his wife, YouTuber Diana Marua, is the latest female rapper in town.

The unexpected revelation came to light at the TradeMark hotel, Nairobi, on Sunday evening, where the new rapper, going by her stage name ‘Diana B’, performed her first song Hatutaachana.

The event was attended by a couple of celebrities including comedian Eric Omondi, singer Ringtone, YouTuber the WaJesus family, among others.

In videos shared on her Instagram, Diana, dressed in a sexy three-piece silver outfit paired with black and silver boots and stockings, made her debut as a rapper and entertained the crowd that cheered her on.

“Who Starts their Music Career at the Top. Like I Just Did??? Glory to God. Cameras <> Lights <> Action!!! and I Surprised the Audience. Tomorrow at 10 am I Premier My First Official Music Video On My YouTube Channel Subscribe. DROP ONE WORD FOR #DIANA_B AS I START MY MUSICAL JOURNEY,” Diana captioned one of the videos.


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A post shared by Diana Bahati ❤️ (@diana_marua)

While introducing his wife to the music industry, Bahati posted a video of her performance and captioned, “I present to you Kenya’s no.1 female rapper.”

On Monday morning, Diana released the official video for her new song on YouTube and has so far garnered 27,900 views in two hours.

Diana’s debut as a rapper seems to have elicited mixed reactions from fans and fellow celebrities who took to the comment section and shared their views.

Singer Akothee said, “Congratulations Sanaa all women pray to have a supportive husband like you be blessed Sanaa.”

YouTuber Mill WaJesus commented, “Congratulations and all the best in your new journey. You nailed it.”

One of her fans by the name Ndinda Cynthia said, “Eeeish am proud of you. you have been my role model and you will forever be am even lacking words right now but to be honest you deserve everything good that is happening to you to more wins. I love you.”

Another fan, Jaber Malkia said, “Congratulations darling. I love your spirit, continue working hard I love you so much and I’ll always be your number one fun.”

Other fans even went ahead and compared her to rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Some were, however, not impressed with Diana’s debut as a rapper.

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It’s All A Lie: Huddah Takes A Shot At Davido Donation Claim



It's All A Lie: Huddah Takes A Shot At Davido Donation Claim

Popular Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe has taken a swipe at Nigerian rockstar, Davido after the latter announced he will donate over N250million to orphanages across Nigeria.

Huddah Monroe has criticised the recent donations declared by Nigerian singer Davido.

She took to social media to say that some celebrities do these things for clout.

According to the socialite, she said some of the donations reported by celebrities are lies orchestrated to push their brand visibility.

Sharing a screenshot of Davido’s recent donation, the founder and CEO of Huddah Cosmetics claimed it was a lie, saying that Davido does not intend to donate the money he collected during his birthday drive.

“Big cap but okay,” Huddah wrote.

Huddah said evidence must be produced after celebrities donate large amounts of cash, otherwise, it could easily be dismissed as a PR stunt.

“We are yet to see the saved children or schools built, or shelters, maybe there is. I just haven’t heard coz $14 million is not small change,” she added.

Justifying her claims, Huddah admitted that folks lie but challenged celebrities to a minimum of do the bare minimum, then shout about it rather than promising to try and do it and so vanish through nullity.

“Donations are a way to just lie. We all lie but just do the bare minimum, show us then talk,” Huddah wrote.

Her bold statement around donations came when Davido revealed that he had donated the cash given by his fans to orphanages in Nigeria.

Through social media, the award-winning singer revealed that he had raised over NGN 250 million (Sh68 million) through the drive that lasted just over two days.

He said he is passionate about giving back to society, and that he received Sh54 million from friends. Davido pledged to top it up with around Sh14 million and selected a team to oversee the distribution of the funds.

“The committee will compile a list of orphanages across Nigeria. They will determine the number of children and their needs at each orphanage and then divide the funds accordingly.

To maintain transparency, the committee will make public names of the beneficiary orphanages and how much each will receive,” wrote Davido.

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